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Customer service is important to us, not only will we help you solve the immediate septic system problems, we look forward to helping you understand what you can do to keep your system maintained and trouble-free.

We specialize in handling the following: (List not all inclusive)

Septic Tank Cleaning
Cesspool Pumping
Sump / Ejection Pit
Holding Tank Pumping
Waste Spillage & Flooding Clean Up
"Transfer Pump" - For Difficult Hillside, Mountain and Beach Properties
Microbic Biology Systems

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How does a septic tank work?

1) Organic solid material floats to the surface and forms a layer that is usually referred to as "Scum"

2) Non organic solid materials and byproducts of bacterial digestion sink to the bottom of the tank and form the layer referred to as "Sludge"

3) Only water should exist between the "scum" and the "sludge" layers. It is only this water that should overflow into a "Drainfield" or "Sepage Pit"

What can we do to maintain our septic system?

1) Routine, preventative maintenance is the key factor into maintaining the health of your system

2) Use Water Conservatively
-Shorter bathing times
-Front loading washer instead of a top loading mode use about

  half as much laundry water
-Install water conservation devices on your faucets, toilets

  and showers

3) Avoid disposal of COMMON substances such as:
-Heavily sudsing laundry detergent

4) Refrain from using a Garbage Disposal
-Garbage Disposal cause an increase to the load of solids to be broken down in the tank

5) Refrain from planting trees or shrubs over or near your septic system

Is there a list of items that can overtax or destroy the biological digestions taking place within the septic system that may cause harm to my system or that may clog the pipes?

1) Take care NOT TO FLUSH the following items:
-Baby Wipes
-Disposal Diapers
-Sanitary Products
-Kitty Litter
-Paper Towels
-Tobacco Products

2) Take care NEVER TO FLUSH the following items:
-Grease / Fats
-Paint Products
-Bio Hazard Products